Friday, May 2, 2008

One Day until Regionals!

I don't remember the last time I've been so antsy for such a long period of time. (Well, maybe except when I was studying for qualifying exams last year, but that's totally different.) I feel like we've been preparing for this weekend for the entire school year. We're so prepared for this, I know we are. We had a record number of people at practice on Wed (I think 18 people) and even though injuries kept some of them from playing, it was great seeing everyone come out to support each other and the team. :)

During my freshman year in college I took this class called Engineering Design and Communication. One day we learned about teamwork (I thought it was really cheesy at the time.) We learned that when some teams got together, their productivity is the sum of the individuals:


And then there are some teams that are very inefficient, don't get along, or whatever, so


And then there are some teams that get along great and they utilize each others strengths and they're on top of things:


And then there are the few teams where the teammates motivate each other and they play for each other. They want it individually but when they see their teammates wanting it, they want it all the more, not just for themselves, but because their teammates depend on them. They spur each other on and don't let people give up on themselves or the team:


Smite is that team. There's no other team I would rather play for or run my butt off for or get grass in my underwear for. This weekend we need to play as a team and win as a team. Yes there will be awesome plays by each individual, and I know everyone is going to step it up and play harder/more focused/more intensely than she have ever played, but if we're going to do well this weekend, it's going to be because we played as a team: offensive flow, shut-down team defense, communicating to each other, listening to the sideline, and motivating each other.

So excited for regionals :)