Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm trying out for different mixed teams in the Bay Area.. man, there are SO MANY TEAMS! And a lot of the mixed teams' names are sexual (or maybe everything on Urban Dictionary is sexual). It weirds me out!

One fun and interesting thing is that I'm trying out as a cutter instead of a handler. Ever since I hurt my shoulder in October last year (strained my supraspinatus tendon on the most awkward layout ever), I'm very hesitant to throw backhands, and I'm still uncomfortable throwing backhand hucks. The only way I can confidently get backhands off is if I throw really low (which is good, I guess) because it forces me to put a lot of spin on the disc and have a short follow-through after I release, but it really limits my range of backhands.

I did PT for my shoulder for a couple months and it helped a lot so my shoulder didn't limit any normal activities. But it still gets sore when I throw a lot of backhands or do pushups.

Anyway, I tried out as a cutter this past weekend and it was way fun and took a lot of the pressure off my throwing, so I think I played a lot better. It also helped that Doris and Bryan were at tryouts too, reminding me that I play my best when I'm having fun with people I love. :)