Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frisbee friends can be found anywhere :)

So for the last month, I've been doing an externship in LA that requires me to travel to Fresno, CA during the week. As the "ultimate junkie" that I am (as Michelle calls me), I googled "Fresno ultimate" and came across a group that gets together every Tues night at 7:30pm for some pickup in a city park.

The first day I show up, I pull in the parking lot and see like 150 guys playing football. There was a full-tackle game going on in one field, and two flag football games going on in two other fields. "Where's the ultimate?" I'm thinking.

Finally, some people show up and we don't have enough to play a full game so we play 3-on-3 goaltimate, which was the first time I played goaltimate in my life! Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, asking me where I'm from, and where I played, etc.

Incidentally, I realized that my story is kind of complicated... "Well you see, I grew up in LA, went to school in Boston, then moved to SF, but I'm living in LA for the month for an internship, which has me traveling to Fresno for the week. But I live in LA on the weekends. And my husband is in SF. Um, yeah... yay frisbee!"

Anyway, I've been going for a couple weeks now, and even though the crowd is constantly changing and we play 3-on-3 goaltimate, or 4-on-4 short-field, or 2-on-2 hot box (that was a tiring one) depending on our numbers, I learned that you can always find a friendly group of people up for playing ultimate, wherever you go.