Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Nuts scrimmaged Zerg + pickups tonight (15-13 them). Some thoughts:

- Everyone seemed very dead, and lazy --> sidelines were quiet, not much talking on the field either.
- I still tunnel vision (bad, Karen, bad), sorry Doris =P
- When handlers are poached, come to the breakside to get the disc to 1) keep the disc in the middle of the field, and 2) open up the break lane. Right now we throw to the poached handler who is stuck on the sideline, and we have a hard time getting it off the line.
- We still get beat deep a lot.
- Some moments of great dump defense to get a high stall count throw.
- Marking needs to improve: marking with feet, sealing the around, listening to the sidelines for strike, inside, and around calls (of course having loud sidelines would help for that).

Chicago for the weekend!