Monday, February 15, 2010


This post is for Smeri and Doris because they are awesome. Bryan and I are creating our wedding website right now, and for me, introducing Smeri and Doris were the easiest and most fun things to write about.


Her name is pronounced "Doooorrrbeeeaaarrrr" like she's really fat and slow. But in reality Doris is actually really thin and fast. That's just one of the reasons why Karen loves Doris but even if Doris became fat and slow, Karen would still love Doris very much.

Karen and Doris met during Karen's first year at MIT in 2006. They played on sMITe, the MIT Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, for 2 years until Doris graduated and went to work in the real world. But then they decided that they liked each other so much that they wanted to live together so they found a place and moved in along with their other friend Smeri (see below). They also wanted to play more frisbee together so they started up a new women's team in Boston called Hatch. This is the 5th season Doris and Karen have played frisbee together. They have a very special relationship on the field: Karen will throw the disc really far and Doris would run really fast and catch it in the endzone and get all the glory.

Doris only eats vegetables because she thinks animals are too cute to eat (even though some animals, like shrimp, aren't really that cute. But Doris tries not to judge... well, maybe a little, but she doesn't do it out loud). She is also very beautiful and tries to teach other people how to be beautiful too.


"Smerbear" is Karen's special nickname for Smeri. Her actual name is Meredith but no one actually calls her that, as much as she tries to get people to change. Smeri was one of the first people Karen met on sMITe, the MIT women's frisbee team. They spent a lot of time driving to tournaments together, playing a super fun get-to-know-you game called "Hot Seat" that Smeri now hates. But now at least they know each other pretty well. Smeri and Karen also have a very special relationship on the frisbee field: Karen throws the disc really far and Smeri runs really fast to catch it and score. Sometimes they like to reverse their roles just for funsies but it only works sometimes. Smeri has been Karen's most faithful frisbee friend on sMITe and this year is their last season of their glorious 4-year journey together. :(

Smeri enjoys eating plain pasta, bread, dark chocolate, and cheese. In fact, those foods consist of 90% of her daily diet. She's also the hardest worker out of everyone Karen knows, but unfortunately her dedication to science doesn't rub off on Karen as much as it should.

Smeri, Doris, and Karen live together and Smeri coined the term "Smerenis" to refer to the three of them. They like buying each other roommate-items, such as roommate-socks, and roommate-slippers, all of them featuring cute animals like pandas, penguins, koalas, and snowmen. Smerenis are also the same height and weight so it's very easy to share clothes and shoes between the three of them. In fact, Karen will be saving her wedding dress for the other two so that they can wear it at their weddings.