Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A trip through sMITe's (recent) history

A few weeks ago I went through the box labeled "SMITE STUFF" passed down to me from Daphne. I must say, she's a very organized little one. There were binders of team meeting notes, "How to Build a Successful Ultimate Program" notes, blog posts about marking, defense, etc. I also found Lori's gift from her secret wisher of tournament cheer: An A-Z book on how awesome Lori is. (Man, you guys spent a lot of time working on these back in the day...)

There was also old sMITe jerseys (red with "MIT Women's Ultimate" on the corner), random t-shirts, tons of peoples' awards that never got picked up, and all the sign-up sheets from CPW and the activities midway. It was fun to see when people signed up and started playing for sMITe. It also made me kinda sad because out of the hundreds of people who are interested in playing ultimate, only a handful actually become committed to the team. I think this past year I had a sign-up sheet for the activities midway that had 27 names, and only 2 of them on the list joined the team and stayed for the entire year.

Anyway, I'm leaving for L.A./Taiwan/Japan tomorrow. Be back in 2-1/2 weeks :)