Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We placed third at sectionals this past weekend. Pool play on Saturday went well. We beat every team in our pool except for Tufts. We had a lot of good runs against Tufts but we dropped 0-4 pretty quickly, and then came back 3-4. And then after that they were just always 3-4 points ahead of us. We kept getting broken by one of their handlers, which hurt us a lot. On Sunday we had another chance to play Tufts, who had lost to Northeastern in the championship game, so we were playing them for second place. We were leading most of the first half, but lost 6-8. And then we just ran out of juice the second half and lost 8-15.

In any case, we saw some pretty amazing things this weekend, in individuals as well as in the team as a whole. Doris made this sick layout grab in the endzone for Erika's huck. She was wide open but the huck went pretty far. But Doris caught it one-handed, full body extension and everything. I ran over to her and as she got up, she had a blade of grass sticking out her nose. :P Chenxia was cutting aggressively as usual, making some great catches, even some low ones where she slid on her knees. Amy made some amazing layouts as well (come to think of it, this is the first tournament where I saw Amy layout so much) :) Natasha and Rosa were making some really great cuts and grabs as well. All our rookies have improved so much over the course of the season. :) And as always, Erika and Catherine made some really amazing hucks to Smeri and Doris.

I'm really excited for regionals. Right now it's anyone's game. Over the last few weeks Dartmouth has beaten Tufts, Northeastern has beaten Tufts, we have beaten Northeastern (in a scrimmage but whatever, we showed ourselves that we can do it). It's just going to come down to who wants it more and who has the deeper team.